Arius 戰神 II

SArius 戰神 II
2.5 吋 SATA 硬碟雙槽抽取盒
適用 3.5 吋前置面板
適用 2.5 吋 SATA 硬碟 / 固態硬碟 

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    隨著硬碟體積越做越小,體積小、大容量、低耗電量的硬碟已經逐漸成為未來趨勢,不過在桌機部份卻只能使用3.5吋硬碟,VIZO全新推出2.5吋硬碟抽取盒,將2.5吋抽取盒模組化成3.5吋面板,3.5吋面板也能裝2顆2.5吋硬碟,實用又省空間,大型機箱 / 小型機箱的最佳擴充方案。 此外,更支援目前最夯的固態硬碟(SSD),每秒6Gb 的傳輸速度,強化您的開機速度。

   ■ 適用2.5吋 SATA 硬碟 / SSD
   ■ 適用3.5吋前置面板
   ■ 不鏽鋼結構,底部圓形通風孔設計達到最佳散熱
   ■ 單鍵按壓功能,輕鬆抽取硬碟
   ■ 大型機箱 / 小型機箱的最佳擴充方案
   ■ 支援熱插拔
   ■ 可承受超過50000次抽換

   ■ 資料傳輸速度 : 6Gb / Sec
   ■ 適用硬碟 :2.5吋 SATA I/II 硬碟 ; 2.5吋 SSD
   ■ 產品材質:不鏽鋼&塑膠
   ■ 內部介面 : SATA ( 7 pin )
   ■ 產品重量 : 282.5 g ( 不含硬碟 )
   ■ 產品尺寸 : 134 (L) x 102 (W) x 24 (H) mm

   ■ Windows 2000/ XP / Server 2003 / Vista/ 7/ Server 2008、 MAC OS

   ■ 2.5 吋 SATA 硬碟雙槽抽取盒( 不含硬碟 )
   ■ 電源線
   ■ SATA傳輸線
   ■ 螺絲包
   ■ 使用說明書


ARS-250 eto

Easy to Open

ARS-250 eti
Easy to Install

ARS-250 etu
Easy to Use

ARS-250 deb
Drive Ejection Bar

ARS-250 li
LED Indicators

ARS-250 sc
SATA Connector

ARS-250 ot
One Touch to Open Button

ARS-250 ac
Accessory Contents

ARS-250 cb
Color Box

The Arius II is a light-weight, quality option for those looking for a more permanent solution to their 2.5" drive needs. With several quality-insuring traits, next-gen transfer rate compatibility, and hot swap option. It is easy to see why this rack stands above its competitors. Factor in the two-for-one deal with two 2.5" bays and a tool less design, and you have a great addition to any PC.

Vizo once again made a nice accessory that is very usefull, and occupies the floppy place that is no longer in use.It is nice looking, and leds are not very bright to be anoying. A simple device like this makes our system able to have 2 more hard disks, with the major advantage that we can remove them anytime we want without the need to open the pc case and remove any screws or cables.

Vizo Arius II is a convenience product that makes installing the latest 2.5 inch hard drives into a desktop a breeze. Since most of the new solid state drives are hitting the market in a 2.5" package, the demand for such a product is there. I can tell you, the Arius II does make life much easier for what it was designed to do.

VIZO ARIUS II Internal Enclosure is a great quality enclosure that performs well and keeps the drive cool at the same time. Great for use in small Home Servers or for easy expansion option. It won Gold Award.

The fact that it helps to fill your floppy space is a great idea. A very big plus to Arius II is the hot swappable abilities and a space saving design. The stylish look give an addition to any case. Over all experience with Arius II was very much pleasant and rather easy time with installation.

Vizo Arius II is a great device which works as an internal dual 2.5" SATA HDD enclosure and its performance almost 2.5 times faster than normal USB external HDD enclosure. This device is suitable especially for those are having multiple HDD enclosures or those need to always backup or data copying for file sharing.

The Vizo Arius II is a very well designed 2.5″ hard drive caddy, providing a simple but effective way to install 2.5″ hard drives into a non-laptop PC. It makes the drives easily accessable, provides clear indicators for disk activity and doesn’t adversely affect performance.

If you are in search of practical solutions that you zoom in to the storage space but do not want to purchase larger enclosures, rack your VIZO ARIUS II 2.5 "SATA is the ideal solution. Strengths are the use of places of 3.5, spaces In most systems, whether desktop mini PCs or HTPC are free, quick and easy installation of both the rack and then hard design, quality construction and support the recent drive SSD solid links.


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